Invica is an industrial and engineering group that serves critical industries including energy, water, infrastructure and manufacturing.

Our mission is to build businesses to last that have a positive impact.

We build on proven experience and expertise with technology development and innovation to grow successful, sustainable businesses.

As an independent and privately owned group, we have the freedom to make decisions for the long term.


  • Puragen

    Puragen (and its sister company CPL Activated Carbons) provides filtration and purification products and services that clean the air, water and ground across Europe and North America, also supporting the growth of the renewable energy sector.

    CPL, Homefire & Ecoke

    CPL is Europe’s leading producer of increasingly renewable fuels and industrial raw materials — supplying Homefire and Ecoke products.

    It’s also commissioning its first biocarbon manufacturing plant to integrate its own production of 100% renewable biomass materials into its product ranges.

    Homefire is the leading suppler of cleaner, greener fuels for domestic heating in the UK.
    Ecoke products help industrial decarbonisation in the metals production industries across Europe.


    FDH is a leading provider of engineering services and technology for critical infrastructure, including dams, bridges, telecoms and energy assets.

    Its mission is to make the world’s critical infrastructure safer, stronger and smarter — using sophisticated analysis non-destructive testing and monitoring.

    Our philosophy

    Long-term vision and commitment
    We’re building our businesses to last. We’re independent and privately owned, which means we enjoy the freedom to make decisions for the long term and achieve transformational growth progressively.

    Transformation through innovation and technology
    We believe that people-driven technology, innovation and excellence are critical to the future. All our businesses and teams have a strong focus on the research, development and application of new technology to improve our products, services and processes.

    Improving sustainability
    Our goal is to build successful businesses that have a positive and practical sustainability impact, for people and the environment. We believe that this is an essential part of long-term success.


  • Executive Chairman and controlling shareholder


    With over 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, investor and business owner across multiple sectors in the UK, Europe and USA, Julian is responsible for Invica’s overall vision, strategy and governance, material transactions and organisational development.

    Director and shareholder


    Dave oversees Invica’s governance, financing, strategy and planning; with a focus on Puragen and CPL. He has over 25 years’ investment, financing and board experience across multiple companies and geographies.

    Director and shareholder


    John manages project execution, financing, strategy and planning for Invica group, with a focus on FDH. He has over 12 years’ investment, financing and business advisory experience across multiple companies and geographies.


    Financial Controller


    Karthiga is responsible for Invica’s central accounting, audit, tax and group financial management. She has been working in finance and accounting for over 13 years.

    Senior Advisor and shareholder


    Charles provides Invica Group with guidance around governance, senior relationship management and strategic insight. He has over 40 years’ senior advisory experience across multiple companies and geographies, including as senior partner at MacFarlanes until 2020.

    CEO of Invica Group Company FDH


    Sean is responsible for day-to-day management and operations of FDH, as well as delivery of its strategic vision and governance. He has over 27 years’ experience across several leadership roles in the US.

    CEO of Invica Group Companies Puragen and CPL


    Jason has executive responsibility for management and strategic execution across Puragen and CPL. He has over 20 years’ experience across multiple strategic, commercial and financial roles.